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Interview By: Jeremy Hummel | June 12, 2012 3:22pm.

Mom Makes $3,250 In A Week Using Google

Why she quit her job to work from home and help others do the same

Abbey Fredrickson is an ordinary mom. She's married with two kids. She lives in a modest suburban home, and she wants the best for her family.

But there's one big difference: Abbey is earning up to $13,000 a month from her home computer.

At a time when millions of Americans are struggling to find work, Abbey is prospering. In under two years, she has made $91,000 on the Internet. That's without a college degree and no technical skills. Abbey started a blog about her success, and has been helping other moms and dads follow in her footsteps.

We sat down with Abbey to find out how she got involved with this work-from-home program.

  I wanted to be the best mother
I could be.”

Abbey was never looking to get rich overnight. “I was searching for ways to make money from home because I wanted to be able to stay at home and spend as much time with my children as possible,” Abbey told us. “I wanted to be the best mother I could be.”

Previously, she had tried many other work-from-home opportunities. “The biggest problem with them was the amount of time I had to spend,” she said. “It just took way too much time and effort to make money using those other systems. Plus, there are lots of scams out there.”

Then, Abbey stumbled upon something different. It was a work-from-home program that allowed her to make money through a well-known website: Google.

She didn't realize it at first, but Abbey had just positioned herself in the middle of a multi-billion-dollar online advertising industry.

By simply copying and pasting website links in specified places online, Abbey was able to start earning up to $10 for each link, per day. On average, Abbey now makes about $379 a day, using this simple system from her home computer.

Full-time income for part-time work

Abbey works about 15 hours a week, which now brings her an average of more than $3,000. She never went to college and never knew anything about making money online before. She simply uses the tips and tools that the program gives her.

She's been shocked by the success. Her earnings allowed her to quit the workforce entirely. She has also paid off more than $25,000 in credit card debt and is close to paying off her mortgage

Abbey showed us one of the recent deposits she received as further proof
of the phenomenal success she's been having by working from home.

“The biggest benefit is the freedom it brings,” Abbey said. “I am not tied down to a job or a boss. I am my own boss and I get to make my own hours.”

Through all of it, she has put her family first. “My goal is to have enough money in my kids' college funds to make sure they are totally set,” she says. “And it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we can start making family vacations something that happens more often.”

Sharing her secret
Abbey's blog, which shows others how to join the same program, has been a phenomenal success. Her blog has gone viral and is now helping others make money online.

Tammy Hendricks, a 39-year-old mother of four, is just one of these success stories. She found Abbey's blog, got started that same night, and was making money right off the bat.

I now have the time and money I need to finally enjoy life.”

We asked Tammy how the program has benefited her.

“I can do my work from home or anywhere I choose,” Tammy said. “I can even do my work in my pajamas. I work only a few hours a day and I get to spend the rest of the time actually enjoying life and the money I make.”

Like Abbey, Tammy has been sharing her story with others to help them cash in on this lucrative trend.

At the end of our interview with Abbey, she teared up as she struggled to express how much her life has changed since getting started with the work-from-home program.

“This has done more than improve my life; it has given me my life back.”

How to get started:

Here are the 3 steps Abbey recommends to others who want to get started:

Step 1
Go to the program's website, and fill out the basic form to enter the member's area.

Step 2
After becoming a member, you get instant access to the money-making kit and easy-to-follow videos, which show you how to start earning.

Step 3
You can deposit your earnings by check or direct bank deposit.

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